Turning a Shasta Daisy into Copper

Posted on April 17, 2021 by Debbie B | 0 Comments



This beauty once graced my front garden and now resides in a lucky lady's jewelry box.  While it was fresh cut, I painted on clear resin making sure that every crevice was filled in. If not, the copper bath water would seep in and ruin both the flower and the solution. Next step was to coat it with a paint mix of graphite powder, Mod Podge, and distilled water.  Apply paint, insert in bath, and wait with fingers crossed. It's a large piece with complex design, thus the need to cross fingers. Electroformed about two days, removed from bath, coated with liver of sulfur to take the 'brand new penny" shine down to a burnished, antique finish with dimension. Splashed on a little green patina to complete the antique look. Uncrossed fingers.

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