Electroforming a Dahlia - It's tricky

Posted on April 19, 2021 by Debbie B | 0 Comments

Dahlias are tricky to electroform. Key to success - resin needs to completely coat/block every nook and cranny. And, there are a lot of them! Started with a good resin pour over the flower, pushing resin into all openings. Then painted resin on the petals' tops and then undersides. The center disc florets were not cooperating, so I poured on glue and drizzled a super thin copper chain as a replacement. Repeat process for painting on the graphite. Deviated from nature's palette applying a mix of Inta's blue and green patina metal paints. Using steel wool, I brushed the petals' edges to reveal antique copper accents.  FYI - there's artistic opportunity with chains and jump rings - so use it! Took estate sale chain apart, using links as jump rings that match petal shape. If I can muster up the patience, I might do another one this summer.  

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