Electroforming Leaf with Beetle

Posted on April 18, 2021 by Debbie B | 0 Comments

To me everything is a copper electroforming opportunity! Found this staghorn sumac leaf in a parking lot. Couldn't resist the color. Discovered the beetle (legs up - so ethically sourced) in my garage. I painted several coats of resin on the leaf, applied graphite paint to edges only, and then into the bath it went. The intense copper coral effect comes from using a lot of Mod Podge in the graphite paint and upping the voltage in the copper bath. I painted the beetle with a thinner graphite solution, using a lower voltage so his texture would show.  Glued the little dude to the finished leaf with Insta-Cure2. Will definitely make another in the fall. Meanwhile, keeping eyes open for legs-up beetles.  

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